One Thing We Really Like About Our New Apartment is the Washer and Dryer Hookups

By Sue Brewer / On

We sat down with a legal pad and listed the pros and cons of owning a home versus the pros and cons of renting another apartment. The biggest thing was unforeseen expenses such as roof replacement, renovations and other things. Whatever goes wrong on your house, you have to fix it. If you are paying a mortgage, the bank does not fix your clogged sewer line or broken water heater. If you pay rent, your landlord does. We decided apartments in Alamo Heights San Antonio were a better option for us than trying to buy a home.

Home ownership is a nice ideal. However, it is not for everyone. I was thinking that if you were kind of a hermit, then an apartment might not be good for you. I was thinking people like that would want a house out in the middle of nowhere. However, you can be just as anonymous in an apartment as you can in a house. Maybe even more. It is sort of a person’s own individual choice. We choose to interact with and get to know our neighbors. Down here where we live in Alamo Heights, our apartment complex has a fire pit and seating areas outdoors. We gather there and spend time together in the evenings.

Our apartment is really nice too. We have washer and dryer hookups in the apartment. We bought a brand new washer and dryer so we never have to visit a laundromat again. No more rolls of quarters and washing machines and dryers that smell like other people! You would only know this if you have ever had to use a laundry room of any kind. Our new apartment has a fireplace too. Many homes do not have fireplaces. Apartments are not like they used to be. Some of them are very nice and very affordable.

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